Thursday, May 31, 2012

Run Android applications on Windows computers

Android Running Applications on a Windows PC

With App Player software, you can run 450,000 Android applications installed on your computer operating system Windows.

Bluestacks software companies are trying to connect to the Microsoft Windows operating system with Google's Android operating system in the App Player, has launched a beta version last Tuesday.
App Player is an emulator for Android applications can run on other operating systems like Windows 7, Vista and XP. Users can install software on Windows Bluestacks, then it can support about 450,000 Android applications, including games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.
In addition to personal computers, App Player can be used on Windows computers as Slate table 2 of the HP and the Dell Latitude ST can run Android applications. Bluestacks advertised their strengths at Computex last year when AMD introduced x86 tablet with Android platform running on top of operating system Windows 7. In fact, virtually Android applications are programmed to ARM, but for x86 tablet platform, which can switch between Android and Windows without any trouble.
The simulation program used App Player Layercake technology, hardware acceleration to help improve the performance of the Android game on Windows. This new technology does not appear in the alpha version of Bluestacks before. Typically, Android applications using hardware acceleration found in the Mali graphics core as the ARM, Nvidia's Tegra or of Imagination Technologies PowerVR, meanwhile Layercake can take advantage of hardware acceleration from support chips from AMD x86 platforms such.
Application Bluestacks capacity 3.6 MB and can be downloaded from the website of the company. This software is installed on Windows XP without problems, and provide options start downloading this software from Google's Android application store. For example, Angry Bird Space games, the latest version released last week, can run on your PC through Bluestacks. However, window resizing Windows in full screen mode requires restart application Angry Birds. In addition, Bluestacks software also provides the option to sync applications and contacts with Android devices.

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