Sunday, February 19, 2012

Play Games N-Gage on S60V1, s60v2, s60v3

As you know N-Gage is a kind of handset is used to play the Games.

But now N-Gage on the market now are rare or high cost from 500k - 800k that specialize in games for entertainment, then pity the other functions.

Currently also a number of compatible Nokia N-Gage games like N70, N72, ...I made this topic to your hd in the Forum Games N-Gage games right on your s60.Compatible N-Gage Games for S60V1, s60v2

ou download N70 fixed libs with Total N-GAGE Loader 1.071.rar, extract and copy the folder in which the memory system. Then Python n70-2.rar download and install more. And you can install the game on the N70 N-Gage to play it then.
Download:N70 fixed libs with Total N-GAGE Loader 1.071.rar

Python n70-2.rar

Compatible N-Gage Games for s60v3

The new version of n-gage installation v1.21.1536


Installing DC on the 6210

utomatically 20001079.txt file C: \ Private \ 10202be9, so after installation, you will rotate the screen (except N82 - txt set manually).Trial erase without installing anything else.

Available can be installed separately Pip 1:01 1:04

Instructions to install:First install N-gage_v1.21.1536AllAvailable in English and Russian. If you need additional languages, then install the N-gageLangpack


For n82: After you copy files 20001079.txt in C: \ Private \ 10202be9, delete C :/ Private/10202be9/persist/20001079.cre and C: \ Private/10202be9/20001079.cre (backing them before deleting)

N-Gage v1.21.1536 Fix All s60v3.sis (8.5m)

N-gageLangpack.rar (2M) N-Gage Games
07ba4d2c35a5c58 eda50ffc

Here is the FIFA 2011 Games N-Gage Vietnam

Here is the FIFA 2010 Games N-Gage Vietnam

This mod is like Fifa 2009 but this is the Mod of Vietnam should also have a pretty good, you try mixing down the house

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